Automatic Car Phone Holder With Suction Cup

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Phone holders are an essential accessory in your car, particularly when it comes to safe driving. They allow you to use the smartphone hands-free without flouting traffic rules. Besides, they are universal hence can fit just about any phone: from Apple, Samsung, to Google phones.

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Why Our Magnetic Car Phone holder is needed for you:

  • Remain safe while driving. Oftentimes, it’s hard to resist answering a phone or text while driving. You’re less likely, however, to take your eyes off of the road if you have a magnetic Globalclique car holder.
  • Keep your phone in one place. Instead of digging through your briefcase, purse, or pocket to locate a ringing phone, keep it at eye level with a cell phone magnet mount on your dashboard.
  • Make a lot of calls while driving. If you spend your time in traffic catching up on business or personal calls, a magnetic dashboard cell phone holder makes it easier for you to take more calls safely.
  • Keep your GPS device close. In addition to securing your cell phone, some magnetic car mounts can hold other devices, including a GPS. This allows you to follow directions by looking at the screen at eye level.
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