Digital Measuring Wheel – 31cm Diameter

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A professional can single-handedly carry out project measurement without using a traditional tape. Just walk and click with our SNDAS Digital Measuring Wheel, then you get instant result. It saves time, cost and extra labour requirements.​

Somebody once said:  “SNDAS Digital Measuring Wheel is the fastest and most accurate way to collect measurements, especially if you have multiple measurements to take on a job”​
Digital Measuring is modern and used for analyzing building distance, area, and volume. Adoption of modern measuring wheel is fast growing as a viable replacement for traditional tapes, the reason for this replacement is that traditional tapes are prone to measurement errors and inaccurate readings.


Our digital measuring wheel have been widely used in professional surveying and mapping activities, roadworks , pipeline laying , cable engineering, construction work measurement and evaluation , garden landscape and golf course construction survey , traffic accidents from the position measurement , and measurement of farmland construction management , etc.A traditional tape cannot calculate perimeter, neither can it do basic long range measurement of up to 10,000 meters, you also need more than one person to operate a traditional tape.
It can handle multiple units of measurement, all in a single wheel since the menu buttons will allow you to choose from multiple units of measure. To use, reset the wheel to zero, start walking, stop, read the measurement in the units (Meters or Feet) you last had the electronic counter set to, then if you so desire, you can push a button and cycle through the units and the counter will show you the same distance but in another set of units (Yards for example).

A Digital Measuring Wheel helps you get instant measuring results – distance and perimeter by walking through the measurement path. – it can also convert between Meters and Feet. Although much suitable for outdoor projects because of the accuracy level and size.

Technology will keep many professionals OUT of practice, if they keep doing things the OLD way, this is the best time to upgrade your professional practice.

SNDAS Digital Measuring Wheel is now available to professionals in the built environment to do basic field measurements – land, buildings, roads and other physical projects.



You can get a quick measurement with SNDAS Digital Measuring Wheel, it helps reduce time spent in the field taking a measurement. Promotes time value for money.

SNDAS Digital Measuring Wheel helps you get more accurate project readings. It gives transparency and precision in project measurements.

SNDAS Measuring Wheel is safer to use as you may not need to walk around a wall or edge to get your measurement results. It gives productivity efficiency.

You can get all your measurement need with the built-in distance and perimeter calculation system – you can also change your unit of measurements instantly.

Compact and less bulky. It occupies little space, and it can easily be carried around.


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