Disposable Medical Hand Glove – 100 in a Pack

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Medical Hand Glove can be used for everyday protection from both bacterial, fungal, microbial and viral infection and diseases. It is a powerful wear to prevent contamination between the caregivers and patient, also help protects oneself from an infected person. The glove is made of latex polymer, it is lightly powdered to lubricate the gloves, and also ensure the same is active at everyday prevention. The light powder also makes it easier to put on the hands. It comes with precise sizing with better precision and sensitivity and is made to a higher standard. These disposable gloves are made out of synthetic rubber and are an ideal alternative when allergies are of concern. These are gloves are the superior glove when it comes to puncture resistance. This is a “medical grade” Hand Glove. Before gloves can be marketed to hospitals and medical institutions


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